Samara Refugee Appeal


Appeal website:

Contact information: or 07971 048656

Thank you for your interest in joining this appeal. Samara Levy is an ordinary mother of two boys living in Brighton. In 2014 she felt moved by the plight of Iraqis chased up a freezing mountain by what we now know as IS. Beginning with an appeal in her own church of St Peter’s, Brighton, and hoping perhaps to send a large van, this appeal has spread by social media and church contact and has quickly grown into a large humanitarian aid project.  

We began with the crisis in Iraq but this quickly spread to aiding the crisis in Syria as well. 

As of September 2017 we had sent more than 80 consignments (trucks and containers) carrying clothes, shoes, bedding, toiletries/hygiene items, essential medical equipment, ambulances and school equipment.  We have also opened two not for profit hospitals in Syria and are building a new critical care hospital in Syria.

 Much of our aid goes to the people in need of humanitarian relief that other aid agencies have missed, or people who are scattered across areas where they cannot access help themselves. 

 The aid we send is taken to people who are in need, and our partners serve everyone in need regardless of their faith, political views, gender, ethnicity or other defining categories.  Our aim is to demonstrate the unconditional love of God to people who are in desperate need, and everything we send is given freely to those in need with no expectations and no strings attached.



                Local partners distributing aid at a camp in the Kirkuk area in Iraq.


 In this appeal we are asking for:

CLOTHES, new and used – adult, child & baby

NEW UNDERWEAR only (no used), with tags or in packaging (This is in constant demand but it must be new and in its unopened packaging)

SHOES (polished)


BLANKETS, sleeping bags, sheets & towels in immaculate condition

DUVETS only if like new with no marks or stains

Wheelchairs, zimmer frames and crutches 

MOSES BASKETS and baby bedding

NAPPIES, SANITARY TOWELS & incontinence pads


CARE PACKS for mothers & babies 

DIGNITY BAGS for women 


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 PLEASE WASH clothes, blankets and bedding, and clean and polish shoes before donating. Everything should be in excellent condition with working zips, buttons & poppers intact, stain free with no holes. As Samara always says the people we are helping have no choice in what they receive but we do have a choice in what we send, so please only give items that are in good condition. If you are not sure about an item then please do not donate it.

 Please separate the items into different categories: (men’s, women’s, boy’s, girl’s or baby’s clothes, or shoes) and whether they are new or used, and bag them separately and label the bags. Most people use supermarket shopping bags or bin bags.

 Please do not mix old and new items together, and please do not pop sweets or any extra items into the pockets.

 Then take them to St Martin's church, Dorking, from Sunday January the 21st for two weeks until Monday February the 5th.  The collecting point is the south aisle - in through the porch and turn immeiately right. 

There will also be a great need for  volunteers to come and help to sort and pack the collection up on Monday February the 5th and Tuesday the 6th at the church from 10.00am.

 Could I also ask every donor to consider making a donation of £5.00 or £10.00 and giving it in at the St Martins office in the Christian Centre? If you could gift aid the donation it would be even better. A lorry costs over £7000 to send to Syria and there is also an ongoing need for medical equipment and the living costs of our medical teams on the ground.

 If you feel that you cannot donate clothing then it would still be an enormous help if you could give five or ten pounds anyway. Please put the money in an envelope marked Samara’s Appeal and take it to the church office in the St Martin’s Christian Centre. If the office is closed please pop it through the letter box.

 Thank you and God bless you


John Pilkington