The Friends of St Martin's



The Friends of St. Martin's Church, Dorking,

were formed in 1981 to raise funds for

preserving, maintaining and renewing this

splendid Victorian building and its fabric,

furniture and fittings. Of course, the

congregations finance all the day-to-day

running costs, but it is a big and important

church with considerable expenses and they

struggle to cover all the costs. The Friends

build up a fund to help when major repairs are

necessary. Over the years since 1981

£98,100 has been contributed ...mostly

towards keeping the roofs on!


Mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, the

ancient parish church of Dorking stood on this

site near the Roman road of Stane Street. The

present church was built between 1866 and

1874, designed by the Surrey architect Henry

Woodyer. In an innovative development since

1976 the church has been shared between the

Anglican and Methodist congregations. As a

significant building in the centre of the town, it

is often used for concerts and civil ceremonies.



Membership implies no involvement other than

the making of a financial contribution. Friends

will receive regular reports of the support

received and the work undertaken.


A membership form, a Gift Aid Declaration and

a banker's standing order are shown on right.

(Alternatively please pick up a printed copy of the 

leaflet and forms from just inside the entrance to St


Please complete them including the amount of the

contribution you would like to make. We

suggest a minimum subscription of £10. The

Friends of St. Martin's Church is a registered

charity and therefore if you are a taxpayer and

fill in the Gift Aid Declaration, your

subscription would be worth even more to us.

Please send these forms to:

Liz Lloyd-Kendall
Pear Tree Cottage
27-29 Dene Street
Surrey RH4 2BZ

Charity Registration Number 283966





Enrolment Form

I/We wish to become a Friend of St. Martin's
Church, Dorking





I/We enclose remittance/bankers order for

Gift Aid Declaration

I am a taxpayer and I want the Friends of

St. Martin's to treat all donations I have made

since 6th April 2000, and all donations I make

from the date of this declaration until I notify

you otherwise, as Gift Aid Donations.



Bankers Standing Order Form

To                           Bank PLC


         Account No.

         Sort Code

On receipt of this order and on the

day of (month) in every

succeeding year until further notice please pay

to National Westminster Bank PLC, Dorking,

Surrey for the credit of the Friends of St. Martin's

Church (account number 03752011; sort code

the sum of £

and quoting the reference*

and debit my/our account accordingly.

This instruction cancels any previous order in

favour of the beneficiary named above, under

this reference.


*please leave blank